Get ahead for a stress-free tax season

Ask yourself these following questions:

– Did I launch my business for doing business or to become accountant?

– Do I have what it takes to process and updates my books alone, or should I really seek help?

– Would this valuable time not more well-spent on profitable business?

– Can I claim the time I spent trying to fix my General Ledgers towards my business expenses? No.

– Can I claim bookkeeping and accounting fees? You bet!

Most of small business owners approaching a bookkeeper have tried first to save money and delayed professional help until their books became very messy. Getting a tax preparer at the end of the fiscal year may not be enough. If your books are inaccurate, your taxes will be inaccurate, subject to reassessment.

What could go wrong?

Switching off managing your finances has real repercussions, sometimes serious. You may have started with a tiny amount of paperwork that turned into a mountain of unbalanced ledgers, missing justifications a real headache and lost benefits. You should not wait until this happens to you.

Some business owners are getting their personal income tax prepared by professionals even though they have not compiled, processed and update their business books yet. You shake your head…it happens more often than you believe. So, what is left to justify not outsourcing your books?

Saving money?

Your tax preparer may or may not double check your numbers or may convince you to look for a bookkeeper or an accountant in the middle of the tax season to put your books in order before proceeding. Not only that could cost a lot more during the peak season of the profession, but depending on the scope of the catch-up, you may not meet the CRA deadlines then, or will you choose to “take a chance” and live with the consequences later in?

Getting a different perspective on your business

Nothing beat a second layer of perspective. It’s well known that we see what we want to see, and we develop strong denial for what does not match our expectations. A good bookkeeper will be at your service anytime you need it and will provide the best recommendations knowing your books and your financial situation while bringing professional objectivity.

Gain flexibility

With outsourcing, business owners do not commit to payroll and non-core functions staff. Furthermore, outsourcing is flexible and adaptive to your business changes. It will better accommodate growth or cutbacks, as they happen.

Login Bookkeeping provides the full-range of year-long bookkeeping services and is chosen by an increasing number of successful and dynamic business owners outsourcing their accounting, running their business and enjoying the peace of mind they need to focus on the core tasks. And it’s 100% tax deductible!!

Do not hesitate to contact Login Bookkeeping for a free consultation. You will not be disappointed by the quality and the experience brought to the table and the range of tools available at very affordable price. Furthermore, we are firmly engaged into our customers’ business development and their success by sharing a passion for balanced statements and healthy books that will bring you the solid base you absolutely need to better manage your business and your time. Unlimited communications, support, recommendations and software are included in our business packages fit to your budget and needs.

Make yourself and your business a favor, don’t wait the tax season to step forward. It is still time to put everything in order, avoid the tax season deadlines pressure, eliminate the stress and costly mistakes.

More to come on business management tips. Stay tuned!!