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About Login Bookkeeping’s Founder

  Toni Foata, BBA

Toni possesses 25 years of progressive and extensive experience in business management, finance, human resources administration and logistics of large public and private organizations, matched with university studies in Management, Commerce, Accounting and Business Administration. To better serve her clients, she also strives to remain on top of constant rules changes by taking continuous education and professional development courses, either in advanced financial and management reporting or with the latest payroll compliance. Passionate by management and technologies, she strives to offer high-quality services beyond the basics and help small businesses for moving forward.

“I like changing the perceptions people have about bookkeeping and accounting. It doesn’t need to be boring and expensive and may definitively be creative and strategic. The goal is getting my clients excited about their own numbers, give advice and bring everything together for a great deal of satisfaction and success”.

My vision is to be part of the “team”, integrate the business owners’ participation to the process and give them back the full ownership of their company’s financial situation and potential by implementing a true business partnership and answering the following questions together:

  • what does your business do and how?

  • where do you want it to go?

  • how do we make it happen?

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